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A-Team, The Demo Vol. 3

From my favorite dancer’s concert! Such a blessed & gifted girl you are :-)

Cute little trees.

View from Lumot Mahipon Lake at around sunset. :-D 

Mt. Banahaw

View from Lumot Mahipon Lake

Today’s adventure was to Mind Museum!! ..Which was unusually harder to commute to compared to Antipolo destinations. Why though..

Anyway, this place made my sister and I feel so kiddie but I think we wouldn’t appreciate these things as much if we were any younger. Haha! Another great day. :-D 

This was one of the animals we saw at Baluarte, Ilocos. It was too pretty I had to make a different post for it. Hehe. 

It was also such a struggle to take this. See those blurred parts at the ends of the photo? Those made little space for us to take a photo of it, I had to open it more huhu. Oops. 


Awesome place! I got to try making a oot, but I’d rather not post a photo because it’s kind of a failure. Hehe.

✓Vigan in the morning



✓Hidden Garden

We had mass early in the morning in a church in Vigan. The mass was… in Ilocano and I couldn’t understand a thing. But I think God will understand huhu.

Next, we went to Baluarte! So many animals <3 Poor things though. I wonder if they’re being well taken care of. There was a huge field too, where deers and horses roamed and ate the grass. You can even come close. ouo

We went to Burnayan after (I’ll have another post for that) and to the Hidden Garden. The food there was delicious :-D And they had a huge collection of plants which you can look through while waiting for your food to be cooked. Awesoooome! :-) 


Dahil overrated ang Vigan sa hapon.. jk. Hehe. Walked around the place during night time, and watched the dancing fountain :-D

✓Bangui Windmills

These windmills were frustrating huhu. The size made it really difficult to get a good angle. We made friends (goats) along the long walk through the sand grass. Everyone was at the beach side and my sister and I decided to take the other path since it’s where the windmills were facing. 

✓Patapat Bridge

✓Bantay-Abot Cave

✓Blue Lagoon

✓Bangui Windmills

✓Bantay Church & Bell Tower


On the very (x243854) refreshing 2nd day, we passed by Patapat Bridge - one of Marcos’ contributions. It was, in fairness, really pretty because of the view. Along the way, we passed by Bantay-Abot cave. Apparently, hindi talaga siya cave. It was like a literal hole in the rock. In the 2nd photo are the tour guide kids who led the way down the cave. It’s what they do for a living. Haha. And on the 3rd group picture is the touring group we spent the whole 3 days with. The kids were so funny and even said “okay, look up look up!”

The last 2 photos are from Blue Lagoon. It’s what they refer to as Ilocos’ Boracay. The place was pretty..blue. jk. As of now, it’s not yet very commercialized so it’s really clean. The last photo is the Filipino iskrambol. My first time to try it. :-D

For our first night stay, we checked in a cheap hotel in Pagudpud. It was kind of creepy at first because we were the only ones who occupied the rooms - including the other people who toured with us. But the view in the morning was super pretty!

Far across the sea, you could see the Bangui windmills :-D It’s in one of the photos up there, but they only appear as little blurred white lines. Huhu. Anyhow, taking the photos were a bit difficult. The waves were too strong and there were big rocks along the shore. So it felt like I was going to be eaten alive. Though my will to take photos were much stronger that I tried to gauge the waves everytime they’d come splash on the shore.

Oh and the fog at the foot of the mountains make it extra pretty too! :-D

Kapurpurawan, Ilocos 06/13/14

We almost didn’t visit this place because of the rain that made the way slippery + dangerous. Luckily, the rain stopped for a bit, and we hurried to the area. This was one of my favorites too! The rock formations were really huge and the color was extra nice. Not to forget the view of the sea from the area, with the horses roaming around. :-) 

They also put up a 2nd windmill farm near the place, and as you walk to the viewing spot you can catch a view of them. 

✓Paoay Church

✓Laoag Church & Sinking bell Tower

✓Bacarra Church & Bell Tower

✓Cape Bojeador Light house

The sinking bell towers in Ilocos were literally sinking, and the first floor doorways were already halfway sunken. They say it sinks **inches/year. It’s like the sunken garden :o :o 

We also went up the lighthouse (only until it’s 1st floor though, bec as usual it’s “under renovation”). The view from up there made the beach look like Batanes’!! But it didn’t look as good in the picture so I didn’t post it. Haha.